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ABT Audi A6 Body Kit & Styling

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The ABT Audi A6 body kit for the C6 (Typ 4F) Audi A6 Sedan and A6 Avant is one of the few available for this Audi model. With this kit, the reknown German tuner ABT Sportsline infuses its sporting heritage into the Audi A6 styling with a comprehensive set of body parts, providing a dash of sportiness to the otherwise heavily-built Audi A6.



What's in The ABT Audi A6 Body Kit?

The A6 Sedan and A6 Avant share the same body kit components unless otherwise indicated:

ABT Front Spoiler
Add-on front spoiler in polyurethane which mounts onto the factory Audi A6 front bumper.

ABT Front Grille
Manufactured in ABS and fits the original front bumper spoiler of the A6. A chrome ABT badge distinguishes it from the normal A6.

ABT Side Skirts
Manufactured in polyurethane and made available as a 4-piece set - two for each side of the Audi A6.

ABT Trunk Spoiler (A6 Sedan)
3-piece rear spoiler is manufactured in PUR and mounts to the trunk and rear fenders of the Audi A6. It does not fit cars with factory S line styling.

ABT Tailgate Spoiler (A6 Avant)
Direct fit for non-S line cars, and will fit Audi S line cars if the S line spoiler is first removed.

ABT Exhaust Valance
Manufactured in polyurethane to fit the factory rear bumper. Designed for a perfect fit with ABT's quad-pipe exhaust system.


Of course, we'd pick less boring wheels than the ABT ones in the photo above!


The HPA Verdict

Good fitment, decent quality, and a cohesive look - we've come to expect that from ABT body kits, and this Audi A6 styling kit is no exception. There's sufficient indication of the aftermarket in this bodykit, but not so much that it spoils the classic A6 styling. We like that.

We'd never say the Audi A6 is sporty, because it isn't and no kit will make it any more than a large tourer. But we find ourself warming to the Audi A6s we've seen with the ABT body kit, lowered and with nice wheels. They look like big, fast, cruisers.

We'd recommend this styling kit if you aren't satisfied with the bland lines of the original Audi A6. You're welcome to post your comments and reviews below - tell us what you think!

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