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APR Tuning

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APR tuning for Audi automobiles is derived from extensive development and testing by APR LLC, an Audi tuning and automotive engineering firm founded in 1997 and operating out of Alabama in the USA. APR specializes in developing aftermarket performance products for Audi and other VAG vehicles.



APR Tuning Features

The APR ECU upgrade program remaps boost pressure (where applicable), timing and air-fuel ratios to provide smooth and reliable power. APR's ECU upgrade is developed to work within the OEM and Tier 1 supplier tolerance specifications for engine component stress, and APR tuning is available in octane-specific versions to allow full adaptation to your local fuel quality.

APR's ECU upgrade promises no loss of drivability or reliability, large increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end. It also does not require additional hardware or a transmission software upgrade to achieve its advertised power claims.

APR's Audi tuning is encrypted to protect your ECU map and to make it invisible to your local Audi dealer, and APR offers a 6-hour free trial on its Stage 1 software for potential customers.


APR Enhanced Modular Chipping System (EMCS)

APR's patented Enhanced Modular Chipping System brings many new features to the Audi enthusiast. EMCS offers several modes for your Audi: Stock (factory settings), Performance (91 and/or 93 octane), Race (100 octane fuel for track use), and Valet to limit power.

These modes are fully integrated into your Audi's OEM cruise control buttons for stealth and ease of use. Cruise control functions will continue to operate as usual, but with the additional ability to scroll through the APR programs installed. At the touch of a button, APR's EMCS system is able to completely rewrite the entire tuning map and replace it with the program of your choice. New APR programs can also be added on to the modular system without the need for additional hardware.

Additionally, APR's EMCS provides several unique features. Fault Code Erase allows you to erase and reset engine-related trouble codes without having to use a specialty tool like the VAG-COM. Throttle Body Alignment allows you to manually perform throttle-body adaptation. The Security Lockout feature prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing EMCS functions with a 2- to 4-digit security code entered via the cruise control buttons. And an Anti-Theft mode is available to render your car immobile to thieves, even if there is an attempt to start the car with your own key.


APR Tuning Performance

APR Audi tuning provides significant power and torque improvements. View how APR's published power and torque values match up against other established Audi tuners for your Audi model.

Audi A4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A4 Tuning (B8, Typ 8K) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT Tuning (Typ 8J, Mk 2) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi S4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi S5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TTS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi RS4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT RS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

With the increasingly sophisticated ECUs in modern Audis, investing in Audi performance tuning by a reputable Audi tuner provides power with peace of mind.

Do post a review of below if you've had experience with this Audi tuner.

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