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GIAC Tuning

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GIAC tuning from the Garret Integrated Automotive Corp allows you to leverage on the ecu tuning experience of a software engineering company with more than a decade of Audi tuning experience. Its research facility in Irvine, California houses proprietary GIAC software, a variety of debuggers, emulators and scopes - to manage complex tuning problems - and a 4WD Mustang Dynamometer.



GIAC Tuning Features

Its expertise in software and circuit design, combined with an understanding of embedded technology, enable GIAC to offer a broad range of Audi tuning solutions. GIAC also develops its own printed circuit boards and writes all its own software, and incorporates sophisticated encryption to protect its products from piracy.

Importantly, GIAC has extensive experience with the Bosch Motronic ECU used in Audi vehicles and maintains close ties with Bosch GmbH.


GIAC Tuning Features

GIAC Audi tuning has been designed to provide factory-smooth power and reliability. GIAC software adjusts ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and in some cases speed limiters to optimize performance and fuel economy. GIAC tuning also optimizes output from other aftermarket performance modifications, such as a performance exhaust, cold-air intake and front-mount intercooler.

Up to five programs can be ordered from GIAC for your Audi in any combination:

Stock Program
Similar to original factory programming

Pump Fuel Performance Program
Designed for 91-octane (95 RON) fuel

100 Octane Race Fuel Program
Designed for race fuel

Valet Program
Puts the car in an operable but significantly de-tuned state

Privacy Firewall
Limits access to your Audi's GIAC chip for security


GIAC Tuning Procedure

GIAC tuning is performed when your local GIAC dealer flashes your ECU with GIAC's proprietary Flashloader™ via your car's OBD port. Using a Microsoft Windows-based interface hooked up to your Audi, your GIAC dealer scans your Audi and generates a file which is then emailed to GIAC. Within a few minutes authorization is granted and flashing of the stock ECU can commence.

You can invest in one of two switching options to control the GIAC programs on your Audi. These Flashloader™ switchers are available either in a Windows-based application for your PC or a pocket-sized, Hand-Held Flashloader™ that plugs directly into the your car's OBD serial port.




These switchers allow you to switch between your favorite GIAC performance programs (up to five of them) and your stock program with the touch of a button. The Hand-Held Flashloader™ contains three additional buttons, MT01, MT02, and MT03 that integrate boost control for selected big turbo kit software.


GIAC Tuning Performance

GIAC Audi tuning provides significant power and torque improvements. View how GIAC's published power and torque values match up against other established Audi tuners for your Audi model.

Audi A4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A4 Tuning (B8, Typ 8K) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT Tuning (Typ 8J, Mk 2) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi S4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi S5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TTS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi RS4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT RS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

With the increasingly sophisticated ECUs in modern Audis, investing in Audi performance tuning by a reputable Audi tuner provides power with peace of mind.

Do post a review of below if you've had experience with this Audi tuner.

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