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Sportec Tuning

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Sportec tuning is developed by Sportec AG, a specialist performance Audi tuning company based in Höri, Switzerland. Sportec has been modifying high performance cars since 1997 and carries with it years of ecu chip tuning experience.



Sportec Tuning Features

Sportec optimizes Audi performance with its team of engineers who have more than 15 years of experience tuning high performance Audis. Starting in their laboratories, Sportec establishes baseline parameters for each Audi engine. Then working with live data from their rolling test bench, Sportec engineers work with up to 3000 engine parameters to adapt each engine map to its optimum tune.

Sportec's philosophy for Audi tuning is that it is an art gained over years of experience. By optimizing the interplay of these engine parameters - and not just targeting maximum output and torque - Sportec is able to bring out maximum effectiveness from today's complex engines.




In addition to its ready-made software ECU remaps, Sportec also provides live tuning with its in-house dynamometer and is then able to individually adjust almost any parameter in the Audi engine control systems.

Sportec is today an established tuner in the European tuning scene and is expanding worldwide through its growing dealer network.


Sportec Tuning Performance

Sportec tuning for Audi provides significant power and torque improvements. View how Sportec's published power and torque values match up against other established Audi tuners for your Audi model.

Audi A4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A4 Tuning (B8, Typ 8K) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi A5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT Tuning (Typ 8J, Mk 2) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi S4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi S5 Tuning (B8, Typ 8T) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TTS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison


Audi RS4 Tuning (B7, Typ 8E) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

Audi TT RS Tuning (Typ 8J) - Head-to-head Audi tuner comparison

With the increasingly sophisticated ECUs in modern Audis, investing in Audi performance tuning by a reputable Audi tuner provides power with peace of mind.

Do post a review of below if you've had experience with this Audi tuner.

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